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General Content

Hrvoje Benko | ISMAR | The Future of AR Interactions

Mike Alger | XR Design Theory and Practice for Digital Eyewear

Mike Alger | VR Interface Design Pre-Visualisation Methods Mike Alger | VR Interface Design Manifesto (2014)

Dylan Urquidi | Game UX Summit ’17 | XR UX: Today & Tomorrow

Raph Koster | GDC17 | Still Logged In: What AR and VR Can Learn from MMOs

Miriam Bellard | GDC17 | An Approach to Holistic Level Design

Kent Bye | Sensemaking Frameworks for the Metaverse & XR Ethics

VR Specific Content

Agatha Yu | Game UX Summit ’17 | Designing the Language of VR Experiences

Brian Van Buren | GAConf 2017 | Accessibility and VR

Alex Schwartz, Devin Reimer | GDC18 | Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Postmortem

Thomas Bedenk | GDC16 | Cognitive Psychology of Virtual Reality Basics, Problems and Tips

Martez Mott | A11yVR | Accessible Virtual Reality for People with Limited Mobility

AR Specific Content

Alesha Unpingco | AWE 2020 | Designing AR Experiences

Alli Dryer | WWDC22 | Qualities of Great AR Experiences

Nicole Lazzaro | AWE 2019 | Advanced UX / UI Standards for AR Spacial Computing

ViewerReady | Your Mesh or My Mesh (A Multiplayer AR Story)

Charity Everett, Jiabao Li, Kat Schneider, Lorena Knezevic, Victoria Bousis | ARIA 2019 | Art & Design in the Built Environment

Input and Interaction Design

Jenny Spurlock, Jonathan Ravasz | OC6 | Hand Tracking: Designing a New Input Modality

Yasser Malaika | GDC15 | Interaction Design in VR: Valve's Lessons

Marcus Ghaly | HoloStudio UI and Interaction Design Learnings

Devin Reimer, Andrew Eiche | GDC19 | Job Simulator to Vacation Simulator: Advanced Interactions for Room-Scale VR

Audio & Haptic Design

Tom Smurdon | OC2 | 3D Audio: Designing Sounds for VR

Anastasia Devana, Dave Shumway, Stephen Mangiat, Stephanie Engelbrecht, Paul Corley, Bill Rudolph | LeapCon | Creating Spatial Audio for Magic Leap

Eric Vezzoli, Tim Stutts | A11yVR | Haptics for XR

The content I include here are resources I personally like to provide as educational resources. This does not include every piece of content on VR/AR. I have not purposedfully excluded any individual creator, researcher, studio, or company. Apologies in advance for any dead links.

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