🗃️Guides and Frameworks

XR Association Developer's Guide

Chapter One: Fundamental Design Principles for Immersive Experiences

Chapter Two: Creating Safe, Inclusive, and Respectful Immersive Experiences

Chapter Three: Accessibility & Inclusive Design in Immersive Experiences


The XRSI Privacy and Safety Framework

XR Access

XR Access Resources

Oculus (Meta)

Oculus for Developers


Mixed Reality Design

Mixed Reality Toolkit

Inclusive Design

Ultraleap (Leapmotion)

XR Design Guidelines

Google Developer (ARCore)

Augmented Reality Design Guidelines

Magic Leap

Design for Magic Leap Developers

Apple Developer (ARKit)

Human Interface Guidelines: Augmented Reality

Ninja Robot Studio LLC

UX for XR Toolkit

W3C Immersive Web Working Group

XR Accessibility User Requirements


Inclusive Design Workshop

The content I include here are resources I personally like to provide as educational resources. This does not include every piece of content on VR/AR. I have not purposedfully excluded any individual creator, researcher, studio, or company. Apologies in advance for any dead links.

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